As my blog name suggests, this blog will be like a learning journal. I won't go step by step on each dessert on what to do, but instead focus on the technique(s) I was learning and what I discovered while in the process of making it. I hope you will learn a thing or two, or if anything, use this as a reference and get ideas for your dessert-making. Happy decorating!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Strawberry Basketweave Cake

8" round vanilla cake, buttercream frosting, strawberries

Techniques Used-basketweave, rope border

I've wanted to make this cake for a long time.  I like how it looks like you have a full basket of fruit!  The nice thing about doing a basketweave border is that you don't have to worry about smoothing the cake.  The basketweave is such a nice design too.  You can change tips, use different colors, have different borders, etc.  Really, you can make the basketweave design as simple or complex as you want. 

This cake was decorated August 2009.

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