As my blog name suggests, this blog will be like a learning journal. I won't go step by step on each dessert on what to do, but instead focus on the technique(s) I was learning and what I discovered while in the process of making it. I hope you will learn a thing or two, or if anything, use this as a reference and get ideas for your dessert-making. Happy decorating!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chocolate Moose Cupcakes

These cupcakes are also from the book What's New, Cupcake? by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. These took more time than the polar bears, but they are well worth it.  They are easier than they look too.    Also, I think that if you freeze your cupcakes, they will separate themselves from the wrapper slightly; at least that's what happened with these.  I still highly recommend this book!!! 

Here are some pictures of individual moose.  They're almost too cute to eat!

We tried using different colored mini M&M's, but you could just do the brown as suggested in the book.

These cupcakes were decorated March 2011.

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