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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Train Diaper Cake

diapers (size 1), string, cake mix box, cardboard, skewers, ribbon, tissue paper (white, green with white polka dots), spool
Focus-overall design of the cake

This is where I got the idea for this cake.  There were parts that were easier than expected, as well as harder than expected.  The wheels were pretty easy.  Each wheel is four diapers, and after wrapping them with string, I then put white ribbon over the string.  To keep them together, cut off the sharp part of the skewer to length you need.  For me, I just needed to cut off the point.  Make sure the two skewers are the same length.  Then, using either your fingers or a crochet needle, hook the ribbon through the middle of the diapers and around the two skewers; make a knot (try to make it snug) and cut off the extra.  Move the knot to the inside of the wheel.  Be sure to tape or glue the ribbon at the ends of the skewers.

The big cylinder part of the train is even easier, because it's just three rings of 6 diapers wrapped with tissue paper.  You can use blankets instead.  I don't remember if I did this, but you could put a skewer through them to hold them together while you wrap them. 

The hardest part for me was the back of the train.  It kept sliding around and since it was so heavy, it kept trying to fall off.  I also wanted it to be pretty rectangular, and it didn't work until I used a cake mix box (really any box or cardboard will do).  The other difficulty was getting everything to stay together.  I didn't want to use anything that might damage the diapers when taken apart, so I used scotch tape and prayer.  This cake is a little top heavy, so that added some difficulty as well.  I solved this by adding the bottom board (wrapped in tissue paper).  The other board is wrapped with tissue paper as well.
This diaper cake was decorated August 2012.

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