As my blog name suggests, this blog will be like a learning journal. I won't go step by step on each dessert on what to do, but instead focus on the technique(s) I was learning and what I discovered while in the process of making it. I hope you will learn a thing or two, or if anything, use this as a reference and get ideas for your dessert-making. Happy decorating!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flowers and Vines Cake

1/2 sheet vanilla cake, buttercream frosting

Techniques Used-star flower, vines, star border


I made this cake in 2009, about six months after I started to decorate cakes, and I wanted to try making a vine design, but nothing too elaborate.  Since I didn't have anything to write on the top, this design separates the negative space into four smaller sections, making the cake seem less plain. 

This cake was decorated August 2009.

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